Omega Spearmint

A fresh and natural approach to stimulating horse appetite and supporting digestion

Mint is one of the oldest herbs to be used in natural medicine and spearmint has long been associated with equine health. With its strong, pleasing aroma and palatable taste, it’s much loved by horses who will often seek it out in the field.

A welcome addition to the feed bucket, the benefits of this herb include:

  • Spearmint is a natural appetite stimulant; it’s the perfect way to temp fussy feeders who otherwise avoid their feed. It can also be useful to disguise other supplements which aren’t to a horse’s taste
  • It has well-known benefits for digestion as it cools and soothes the digestive muscles. Its anaesthetic effect supports a relaxed and settled digestive tract, which can help alleviate problems such as colic, trapped wind, cramping, and gastric or duodenal ulceration
  • The same anaesthetic effect also supports a healthy respiratory system
  • While it is advised that spearmint should not be given to mares in foal, it has been linked to drying up a mare during the weaning process.

Omega Equine’s Spearmint supplement is sourced from a human grade supplier in the UK. This ensures a fresh and delicious product which smells so good, owners will be wanting some for themselves. Feed daily and watch your horse lick their bowl clean.


Feeding Guidelines:

Ponies: Between 10g-20g per day
Horses: Between 20g-30g per day




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