Tried & Tested

Respirair Boost - Yasmin - 'perfect breathing for working hard!' 

"After using Piriton for years for the horses hayfever/heavy breathing and coughs, we decided to try them on the Respirair Plus! And wow, what a difference!!! Not only have our horses stopped coughing completely, Morgans 'heavy breathing' that he does with hayfever has also stopped. One of our horses used to cough a lot, especially when being ridden, but since being on Omegas respirair, it has stopped and has made her much more enjoyable to ride and it's obviously a lot more comfortable for her too!

This supplement is perfect for the horse in lots of work that needs perfect breathing for working hard! Alternatively, it's perfect for the older horse too who might have laboured breathing.I have used many 'respiratory' supplements and I've been disappointed, I have now brought another tub because it hasworked so well!

Not only does it have lots of natural ingredients in it, it also smells super yummy, so it's very appetising for the horses. The tub is extremely easy to use, having clear instructions of how much to feed different size horses, making it easy to measure out.

Omegas Respirair Plus is essential in everyone's feed room for the benefits of healthy airways. With this it then means that they have high oxygen levels, a lot better for endurance and a strong immune system, and not forgetting that it is competition legal!

Boswellia - Joey was diagnosed on the 11th May 2018 with Grass Sickness.

It came on so quickly within the space of 2 months he went from 420kg to 260kg. He was fed every hour by syringe and fed 8 buckets of feed every 2 hours every day. He was fed anything he wanted, we just wanted him eating.I tried to take him out of his stable every day as it was up to his body to fight the disease off and I wanted to make him want to live.

My main advice to anyone going through this, is to not give up hope, create a variety of different meals, feed small portions but often, keep your horse entertained.

Feed wise - Create a feed diary, weigh, take temperature and check heart rate every day.I found topspec linseed mash and baileys competition mix to be the feeds he enjoyed the most.Supplement wise 🌿 I used Omega Equines Vitality, Omega Rice and the Gut Balancer and Electrolytes were an absolute must in the recovery process, I could not have survived without them! Fantastic products" - "This is a winner in my eyes and always will be"
- Amber.

"After a year of trying other brands joint care (and failing), I had honestly given up hope of finding a supplement that would help Jack and the sadness had set in that he was just getting old and there was nothing I could do about it. (For those who don’t know Jack, he is a 19 year old warmblood cross who has mild back arthritis, neck and hock arthritis and navicular changes).

 After doing the usual, scrolling through Facebook for hours, someone recommended a supplement called Boswellia. I immediately googled the name and up popped a brand called Omega Equine. Boswellia is an ancient ingredient which has been used for centuries to support mobility and joint movement.

I needed something that was kind on Jacks tummy as he has a history with gastric ulcers and with his anaemia scare, I needed something that helped support a healthy liver function, something that worked, that wasn’t just a placebo effect after one tub, that lasted a few weeks and most importantly, something that didn’t cost the earth!

I ordered myself a tub, 48 hours I unpacked Omega’s Boswellia.I double dosed the first tub, like I did with every other brands joint care-

However, this time the results were different.

Within 2 days (fed at two level scoops a day), Jack was walking out of his stable better. He wasn’t as stiff. Within a week, warming up had shortened from 15/20 minutes to 5/10 minutes. He was eager to get going quicker. After I finished the first tub, Jack felt and looked better all round.

However, I left it a few days before making a decision whether to order another tub or not. Within a week, he was clicking when on the walker. He took longer to warm up again and he kept coming out of his stable stiff and sore. I ordered another tub and three years on, I have never looked back! He’s never been without. Since the second tub, he’s been fed at a rate of one scoop a day.

Jack has gone from strength to strength.

From possible early retirement/happy hacking, to finding his feet (no pun intended) where he loves flicking his toes down the centre line, throws himself at hedges and in general, has a new lease of life.

I recommend this product to everyone. From those who are looking to support joints in the younger horse to those who have veterans like Jack who need support. This is a winner in my eyes and always will be" Jade

SarcXpell - Dawn - 'After 11 days the sarcoid fell off!!!'

"My horse had a sarcoid banded off just over 3 years ago before I got him. Ever since it's just been a slight raised flakey lump but around 6 weeks ago it grew and became very red and angry looking! I decided to start Twilight on Omega's  SarcXPell, after 11 days the sarcoid fell off!!! To say I'm amazed is an understatement! An amazing product that I will be keeping him on" Dawn

Ultra Clay 🌿 - Vicky & Oscar - 'The itchy patches I've used it on have already healed!'

"Oscar suffers from Sweet Itch and I'm always trying new products to see what will work best for him. Omega Ultra Clay is lovely and cool when it first goes on and covers really well to provide instant relief! The fact that it then stays in place for 12hrs means I know he's protected for that long! The itchy patches I've used it on have already healed! I've even used it on my big lad (he doesn't have Sweetitch) who had a cut on his knee- the clay is a fab healer and barrier for wounds too! I'll definitely be keeping Ultra Clay in my tackroom"Vicky & Oscar

Ultra Oil & Ulsoothe - Annick - 'Helping a reaction to bute for 24yr old pony'

"I called Omega Equine in desperation after my 24 year old Dartmoor had severe Colitis from a reaction to bute.

She had developed a ventral oedema, wasn't eating, very few droppings and was not her normal bright self. After being told it could take weeks for her to recover (if she did at all) I called upon the amazing team at Omega for some advice. They were so supportive and the team recommended some fantastic natural products to help her.Within a day she started to eat again and I was completely shocked that after only 5 days the oedema has dramatically reduced! While she still has a road to recovery I can't thank all the amazing Omega team for giving me my bright eyed pony back who is now health on the inside and can't wait to get back to showing at county level next year"

Laminology – Hannah & Misty - 'Just Wow!'

"Misty is 25 years old, she is prone to Laminitis and has Cushing’s and tooth loss. We have been extremely careful over the years however occasionally the Laminitis will flare up, the fine balance between not having a Laminitis flare up and not getting ulcers and colic has been a constant battle sadly.Then along came Laminology which Misty was selected to trial, she is fed this alongside her magnesium, Flexology and spearmint, WOW!, what a happier healthier more stable pony!!She it strutting along with much more confidence in her step and not sore at all, the remainder of her winter coat has fallen out leaving her with a shiny, smooth healthy coat, she is even happier in herself and able to eat a little more grass. We are still very careful but what and incredible difference we can see in her in only just 3 weeks, SO happy!A big thank you Omega from Hannah and Misty"

Flexology - Samantha Chiappini, Equine Massage Therapist - 'helped remove any worry I had about my horses joints'

"This is Viper Priba (News) who is my top horse at the moment. KWPN 16.1 and 18yrs. Currently competing BD Novice, but working at elementary at home. Paddy will go in at BD Prelim in July. Both are on Flexology & Electrolytes which has really made a big difference. It has helped remove any worry i had about joints and the amount of work they are doing.Neither had any problems, but i think prevention is far better than cure. Also, in this heat we have had i have been able to continue work and lessons again without worrying too much about them coping and dehydrating.Both are in fabulous condition and are competition ready. News has been competing online during lockdown and his scores have been 66-72% which i am over the moon about"

SarcXpell - Rainham Dressage - 'Phenomenal that's the only word I can describe the change in Mr Dibbles Fibroblastic Sarcoid'

"The first photo was taken 48 hours ago and the 2nd and 3rd photos were taken today. Dibbs has been on Omega Sarcxpell 11 days. He has suffered this Sarcoid for over a year with us trying this, that and the other nothing worked. It cannot be a coincidence as the Sarcoid has remained unchanged in its size and appearance until we started using Sarcxpell 11 days ago. Sadly I didn't take a photograph from the start. It was twice as big in size as the first photo. In 40 years of Horsemanship I have never witnessed such a positive and huge reduction in a Sarcoid using supplements. I am so blown away by whats happened that my whole yard will now go onto Sarcxpell not because any have Sarcoids but purely to boost their immune system. What an absolutely award winning product this should be. Ground breaking! I'm sending the photos to all my close friends in the Veterinary community. Wow, just wow. Thank you so so much Omega' rainham_dressage

Hoof - 'Thank you @omegaequine and my farrier for allowing Roxy her feet back!'

"In November I wanted to take my horses shoes off as realistically I wasn't going to ride more than twice a week and keeping four shod becomes expensive. Stanley also liked to loose his most weeks. Reassured by my farrier, off they came.
Roxy has always had horrendous cracks in her feet. She hasn't been particularly comfortable in shoes for while either, she would seem foot sore after nailing on.
Anyhow, I couldn't keep her barefoot at previous yards as there has always been stone tracks, now our field leads straight onto tarmac.
Having rubbish TB feet I was on the case to Omega and they suggested their Hoof supplement. Well I haven't looked back.
The difference in 8 months is amazing, as you can see. The cracks have nearly grown out completely. She's comfortable and hacks out 3 times a week no problem.

The Hoof perfect has really helped keep them nourished as we had such a wet winter, they were stood in knee deep water/mud for months. Then a week later it was hard as rock joys of clay!
Honestly, if you can give your horses a few months break from shoes, I highly recommend it. @2_bays_and_a_buckskin"

Respirair - Helen Falconbridge - 'no need to use prescription drugs and her breathing is very normal!'

"Sofi is an 11.2hh 19 year old new forest x Shetland who suffers from mild COPD, this time last year she was suffering a little from coughing and slightly abnormal breathing. I was just about to go down the route of prescription drugs after trying various supplements which made no difference! I came across Omega whilst in my local and regular feed store had just started selling Omega products so decided to have one last attempt at an off the shelf supplement! I was very reluctant to go down the prescription drug route.

I am so pleased I made this decision, the results have been outstanding and our precious little Thelwell like pony is thriving! With the addition of Omega Respirair to a managed feed and environment routine I have had no need to use prescription drugs and her breathing is very normal!
These photos were taken today and as you can see both pony and rider are very fit and happy!
Respirair is one of few supplements I have experience of an actual difference and if we were in need of any other supplement I would make no hesitation in seeking it from Omega! Many thanks to all at Omega!" - Helen Falconbridge