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      Managing equine energy is a tricky balance; diet and exercise are key but there are situations where extra assistance is appreciated. Whether we need our horses to calm or perk up, there are supplements that can help.


      One of our most popular energy supplements is Omega Rice, a daily feed topper for stamina and condition. It’s energy dense, yet much of the energy source is in the form of oil. This slow-release form of energy is less likely to cause excitable or over exuberant behaviour. It also aids in stamina, allowing hard-working horses to perform for longer.


      For a pick me up, Omega B12 is your go-to. This clever vitamin maintains high energy levels without making horses 'fizzy' or over-excited. With it, they can sustain high energy production whilst keeping a level head. At the other end of the scale, calm things down with Omega ZenCalm, a revolutionary supplement that helps horses and ponies stay relaxed. It contains magnesium for a balanced release of adrenaline and chamomile which naturally calms anxious or stressed behaviour.