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      From hooves to hearts, there’s always something we need to help our horses with. At Omega Equine, we strive to create great nutritional products at competitive rates. We’re passionate about clean sport and animal health, supporting fair and safe competition at every level. Every supplement we make is built around these ideals, no matter whether for the leisure rider or the professional.


      Rather than offering thousands of options, each Omega Equine product serves a specific nutritional need which might differ depending on level of work and environment. Our technical tier of products contains multiple complex ingredients for overarching health support. These include Omega Flexology for joints and Omega Omega SarcXpell for immune health. We also offer a tier of straight supplements, providing specific ingredients for a range of equine conditions; think Brewers Yeast for aiding healthy digestion. Finally, we created a herbal collection for owners who prefer a 100% natural approach to nutrition. From Agnus Castus to Seaweed, we have over 10 herbal supplements with more coming to the collection.


      Equine nutrition may seem complex but with the right tools both you and your horse can feel fantastic every day.