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      Choosing which supplements to stock can be confusing; there seems to be a supplement out there for everything. From leisure to professional, the equine feed market is evolving. Owners are more conscious of what their horses eat and the desire for natural, carefully sourced ingredients is more prevalent than ever. Focused on quality and innovation, Omega Equine specialises in combining nature’s super-food bounty to optimise horse health.


      From straights to specialised blends, every one of Omega Equine’s supplements has a purpose. Popular products include Omega Muscle which has been formulated to support muscular health, development and recovery for hard working horses. Other products like Omega Gut Digest Balancer help sustain optimum digestive health and manage equine stress. Meanwhile Omega Vitality combines an incredible group of super-food ingredients, supporting almost every major system in the body. There’s linseed meal for coat and skin conditioning, spearmint for fussy-feeders, biotin for hoof help, and much more.


      With UK-based BETA NOPS accredited manufacturing facilities, Omega Equine products are created with care and meet the requirements of a highly regulated industry. Loved by both hobbyist and high-profile professional riders, this growing range of supplements is leading the way in natural health for happier horses.