Omega B12

Key advantages are:

  • `A Natural 'Pick-me-up'
  • Non Heating
  • Highly Palatable

Omega B12 contains 100% natural B12 Vitamin and a combination of 4 other key ingredients to aid palatability and absorbtion.

The ingredients are carefully sourced have been carefully tested to act in a complete harmony with each other.

Omega B12 acts as a 'Pick me up' for any horse or pony who maybe a bit 'flat' due to illness or fatigue, or even as an extra boost for competition day.

Omega B12 is a natural tonic for any horse that requires extra energy.

Omega B12 will not make your horse/pony 'Fizzy', it is used to provide your horse with the correct nutrition to increase energy production whilst keeping a level head.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 9%
Crude Fibre 4%
Crude fats and oils 1%
Crude Ash 10%
Sodium 0.60%

To help the environment all of our pots can be recycled!