Omega Vita 'E'

Key advantages are:

  • High Levels of Natural Vitamin E
  • Includes a natural Antioxidant
  • High in Omega Fatty Acids

Omega Vita 'E' is the natural way to ensure your horse is receiving the optimum level of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is key to ensuring muscles are as healthy as possible so is vital for those who are in harder work and competition. 

Omega Vita 'E' is the Natural way to ensure your horse is receiving this vital Vitamin E, it is combined with pure cold pressed linseed oil to which contains the Omega Fatty acids and natural antioxidants to keep your horses muscles as fit and healthy as possible.

Horses natural sources of vitamin E come from good quality grazing of 8 – 12hours per day between April to August which is not always an option for lots of horses. Vitamin E is in a lot of feed sources however the quality and concentration is not quite enough to give the horse the amount it needs (around 3000IU per day)

Vitamin E is an powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from free radicals forming that potentially weaken or damage cells and tissues.

Analytical Constituent:

Crude protein 0.05%
Crude fibre
Crude oils and fats 99.90%
Crude ash 0.10%

Linseed Oil
Rosemary extract

Additives: (Per kg)
Vitamin E (RRR-Alpha-tocopherol) 75,950mg/kg
Antioxidants: Extract of Rosemary


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